[game 55] Away Awhile

I miss the Twins and I miss this blog. But I also missed today’s day game against the Indians. The Twins won, 11-3, that much I know. The box score shows me that almost everyone was hot today, especially Jason Kubel, who hit two homers. Scott Baker got his third win, and is apparently in a good groove now.

Yes, box score facts will have to do for now.

Tomorrow the Twins are off on a 10-game road trip to Seattle, Oakland, and then Chicago. If the first two months of the season are any indication, they will need the happy lift of today’s win, as they have a miserable record on the road. The Metrodome, in its last year, seems to be the only place in which they want to play.

They have their woes, and I have mine. I got off the rails last Saturday when Fox boxed me out of seeing the game, and this Saturday I’ll have the same problem. When Fox considers the Twins’ opponent worthy, they get the game scheduled during the day. Then, via my Fox network, they proceed to show me either the Red Sox or the Yankees. Thanks for blockading my team.

If the Twins elude the evil Fox searchlight, the game is on at night and I can watch it; if not, not. It was bad enough last week, but this will be two weeks in a row of baseball-less Saturdays.

More trouble lies ahead. I will also face the west coast schedule until Thursday, with games starting at 10:00 pm and ending at 1:00 am. Even if I watch them, I can’t stay up to write about them.

So, this is just excuses, then? That’s all you’ve got?

Right now, yes. I will get something written about Friday’s game, but I’ve tossed the notes I made about Sunday’s win over Tampa Bay, Tuesday’s victory over Cleveland, and last night’s depressing loss—10-1, I believe it was. I just don’t have good stories about those three games.

This is placeholder blogging. Classic placeholder stuff. It doesn’t get any better!


One response to “[game 55] Away Awhile

  1. George Covintree

    Glad to have you back, Alex.
    George 8^)

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