Monthly Archives: February 2009

The commitment

It’s too soon to think of baseball, far too soon. And once it starts, it will be endless enough, so why ponder it now? Today I’ll just try to introduce this blog chronicle.

I’m setting out to write about every Twins game in 2009. Well, that’s not going to be entirely possible. I practiced last year, and I’m bound to miss plenty of games for various reasons. First, I’m tethered to a satellite TV MLB package that won’t show every game. Fox, for example, demands hegemony over Saturday day games and the Twins, needless to say, never make Fox’s schedule.

I’m watching via DirecTV because as hard as I may root for the Twins, I’m watching from another time zone, in Vermont. There are, most likely, no other Twins fans in Vermont. My interest in baseball, let alone the Twins, is nearly incomprehensible to all my friends. It’s kinda lonely—hence, this blog.

I’ll miss some games for reasons great and small, but that’s not what worries me. The scary part in commencing this is that I must keep up a merciless pace in writing up each day’s baseball doings. It’s good discipline and I’m temperamentally suited to such things, but one can’t help feeling that this little tapestry I’m hoping to weave will come all unraveled if I miss a single day. It’s like one bad hop and I lose the game.

So I’ve made my pledge to pull this off and I know some days it will be tough. But others, it will be the highlight of my day. My thesis, still to be tested, is that there is something to be learned from any baseball game. I admit I’m already impatient to begin.


A small baseball blog plan

Here’s my plan: I will write about every Twins game in the 2009 season. This is an experiment to investigate a theory I have that every baseball game has something new and interesting about it, despite the fact that games superficially appear to be very similar. I plan to concentrate on a variety of perspectives, from the individual at-bat to the season a player is having. I’m focusing on the Twins because their low payroll requires that they play all aspects of baseball, from bunting to shaky relief pitching. Also, I love the Twins. This cannot be denied.

OK. Please come back every day during the season to follow the Twins and this highly intellectual baseball view of the universe.